What do our physios do?

At GRIT Physio & Podiatry, we offer personalised physiotherapy services to help you move with confidence and move towards living pain-free.

Our Services Include:

Pain Relief

Targeted treatments for arthritis, back pain, neck pain, and sports injuries.

Postural Correction

Programs to improve posture and alleviate related pain

Functional Movement Assessment

Identifying movement issues to improve mobility and function

Injury Rehabilitation

Customised programs to recover from sprains, tears, and surgeries

Pre- and Post-Surgical Care

Supportive rehabilitation before and after surgery

Neurological Physiotherapy

To assist with disabilities such as Multiple Scleroris & Autism-Spectrum Disorder 

Sports Performance

Specialised plans to enhance athletic performance and reduce your risk of injuries

Chronic Condition Management

Strategies to manage conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia

Return to Sport Testing

8. Testing that can clear you for a return to sport with a reduced re-injury risk 

We treat Injuries including: 

Meet your physios

Nitin Madan

Nitin Madan

Senior Physiotherapist

Ryan Ly

Ryan Ly

Senior Physiotherapist

Shruti Dua

Shruti Dua


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