Knee pain? You may need to consider this blog. 

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Knee Pain? Your Feet Might Just Be the Culprits!

Navigating through knee pain? Surprisingly, the root might be right beneath you – your feet! As an experienced podiatrist, I’ve unearthed the silent but impactful roles our feet play in knee discomfort.

Footprints to Knee Pain:

    • Flat Feet or Fallen Arches? You might be journeying towards “knock knees”, stressing that knee joint more than you realize.

    • High Arches? Watch out for the sneaky outward foot roll – it’s got a knack for misaligning those knees.

    • Overpronating Feet? That inward foot roll can be a dance of discomfort for your knees.

    • Shoe Choices: Those stylish high heels? They’re pushing your knees into the spotlight, and not in a good way. Even shoes that are too tight or loose are plotting against your leg alignment.

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My Toolkit?

Comprehensive evaluations, functional assessments, state-of-the-art scans, and a deep dive into your walking pattern and running style. Once the mystery’s solved, I craft a tailored action plan. Sometimes, it even involves teaming up with other medical practitioners or using specialised treatment techniques of my own.

Wrap Up

Knee pain’s got you puzzled? Don’t neglect the rest of the body. Dive deep, align right, and stride towards a pain-free chapter. Ready to take the step? Book an appointment, and let’s walk this journey together. Your feet (and knees) will thank you!

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